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The service is divided into several steps:

– Identification of action plans to reduce or to eliminate risks

– Transfer of residual risks to third parties

– Intervention plans for the mitigation or elimination of risks

– Field verification

– Implementation of appropriate risk management-oriented organisations models

The insurance solutions offered by Assifruit concern:

– Home and family, fire and theft coverage, third party liability, legal protection

– Single person, accident and health coverage, assistance

– Businesses, damage to property and people, third party liability and administrators’ liability, commercial and product risks, guarantees, IT risks

– Professionals, obligatory third-party liability, risks related to the activities of employees and collaborators, risks related to the running of business premises

Different operating areas: Multi-risk policies for agricultural businesses and different supply chains

Designed to protect the farmer at every stage of the production process, the coverage can be tailored to the needs of individual sectors (farm tourism, viticulture, zootechnical, etc.) and offer, as required, coverage for third party liability, legal protection, fire, theft, electronics, accidents, illness, to protect the property and the single person.

Facilitated policies for crops, facilities and livestock insurance

Assifruit is able to:

  • Analyse the risks
  • Verify the contents of the various proposals and compare their costs
  • Prepare and arrange with leading insurance companies’ products tailored to the specific needs of businesses
  • Take care of the administrative management of contracts
  • Assist customers in the process of damage assessment

Indexed policies for safeguarding crops, facilities and revenues

Assifruit has developed significant experience in this field, promoting first in Italy, the introduction of:

  • Parametric policies for loss of returns
  • Policies on climate indexes
  • Policies for loss of revenues
Consultancy for the development of new risk management tools
  • Establishment and start-up of mutual funds
  • Definition of models integrating the operation of the various risk management tools

In addition to the traditional policies dedicated to the business world, which are always tailored to meet the specific needs of the sector, Assifruit offers special innovative proposals:

– Parametric policies for loss of income as a result of lack or excess of agricultural livestock production

– Indexed policies on climatic events for the active management of income and cash flow fluctuations

– Index-linked policies in favour of financial institutions