Trustworthiness and competence


A serious and practical approach to customer’s needs and the meticulous preparation of our partners guarantee a reliable and competent service. 

Know-how and innovation


The traditional proximity to the target market and the continuous adaptations allow to improve knowledge and to provide innovative solutions for customers.

Strategy and implementation


The consultancy activities and services offered respond to a precise intention of sustainable growth, defined through discussions with customers, institutions and stakeholders.


Risk management

In order to assess entrepreneurial activity, knowing the risks, possibility and probability of happening are required conditions for success. Therefore, Assifruit through the collaboration of Risk Management specialists is able to adequately support the entrepreneur to achieve its goals.

Insurance brokerage

Consolidated relations with important Italian and international insurance companies allow Assifruit to identify the best solutions for the coverage of risks for families, businesses and professionals, as well as, with the support of international reinsurance markets, to design customised solutions. 


Assifruit has always supported single and associated agricultural companies, producer organisations and trade associations in their constant search for the most suitable solutions to meet the safety requirements of the primary sector. Great attention is also focused on the agro-industrial sector and services in agriculture.


Production activities related to the agricultural sector need specific guarantees to ensure business continuity. Cooperative companies of the first level or consortium, suppliers of services and equipments, as well as logistics operators can rely on Assifruit for the best protection to cover business risks.


Knowledge of market legislation and continuous updating represent a strong point for any business owner. Assifruit, well aware of this need, highlights in this section the topics of greatest interest for the main fields of competence.


The latest news and the most important information for the sectors of interest can be found in this section. In this showcase Assifruit points out the latest news in terms of products development, services and opportunities offered to customers, as well as in-depth information on specific and most relevant topics.



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